HVE Consulting ApS

HVE Consulting, representing 20 years of experience in EMC, Earthing and LPS.

With special focus on the Wind turbine industry. From Blade tip to foundation and substations.

HVE Consulting deliver consultancy services within:

EMC:  Electromagnetic Compatibility.
Performance of the EMC test. Apparatus design. Good engineering practice

Protective Earth (PE), Equipotential bonding

LPS: Lightning protection system.
Air attachment. Down conducting. Induced effects. Surge protection.

Within the area of EMC, Earthing and LPS:

  • Development of design
    • Installation technique
  • Definition of test and verification
    • Test specification
  • Implementation
  • Inspection
  • Documentation
  • Technical specification agreement
  • Technical risk assessment
  • Problem solving
  • Technical construction file
  • Design guidelines
  • Maintenance documentation
  • Review of design and documentation
  • Coaching of people